3D Rendering
You can see your project in 3D with the finishing touches as if it was already built.

The render is included on all construction blueprints.

If you choose to have another party develop the blueprints, we can do the renders on the side.
"Striving to achieve your building design needs."


The latest technology is brought to you by VicRendering. The Hololens glasses allow you to see your holographic house through the glasses. 

The scale can be set one to one. Which it allows you to feel like you are walking through the hallways or around the house.


Permits - Design Reviews

Our services include submitting the blueprints to the city to get a permit.

Preminilary design reviews are also included.

VicRendering has experiance with residencial and commercial blueprints in the state of California

Over the past 20 years, VicRendering has drawn construction plans for residential projects in Northern California. The blueprints include foundation, framing, electrical, plunmbing, elevations and floorplans. 

Commercial projects have been done along licensed Architects and Engeneers from the bay area. It mainly includes, restaurants, churches and shopping malls.